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Number of cancer drugs in the pipeline for adults:  900.  For kids:  ALMOST NONE.
In the past 25 years, the FDA has initially approved ONLY THREE DRUGS for a childhood cancer
After a new cancer drug is approved for adults, pediatric clinical research takes an average of 9.5 more years


we focused as much effort on solving cancer for children as we do on solving cancer for adults?

How we are advancing our mission


The Creating Hope Act


WHAT IF there were drugs specially developed for children with life threatening illnesses?


The Kids Act/RACE for Children Act


WHAT IF drugs developed for adults with cancer were also developed for kids?


Compassionate Use Navigator


WHAT IF we could save a child by helping obtain an investigational drug?


Tissue Donation


WHAT IF we could help pediatric cancer investigators get the tissue they need to succeed in their research?



Extension of Creating Hope Act Pediatric PRV

Since 2012, the Creating Hope Act pediatric priority review voucher program (pediatric PRV or Creating Hope Act) has created almost $1 billion in R&D incentives for pediatric cancer and pediatric life threatening disease drugs. Today, we are proud to announce that the Senate Appropriations Committee released a short-term continuing appropriations measure to maintain government operations  read more


Congress Tackles #1 Disease Killer of Children

RACE for Children Act will give children with cancer access to the most promising treatments. This might sound like just a small, first step, but it actually reflects a level of buy-in and support that makes it an important milestone toward passage. read more

KVC Launches the Compassionate Use Navigator

Kids v Cancer is proud to announce the launch of the Compassionate Use Navigator, a new service for the pediatric oncology community that provides assistance to physicians and families and serves as a clearinghouse of up-to-date information on the compassionate use application process. Compassionate use, also called expanded access, is a process that allows patients  read more

What you can do today

Write Congress

Ask Congress to support the RACE for Children Act so kids can access most promising drugs.
Write to them here»

Get Involved

Get in touch with us. Ask us a question.
Make a donation.
Join our Youth Board.

Share Your Story

Your story is important because it raises awareness about the need for pediatric cancer research. Please send us an email or a video, and read stories of other kids.
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Recognition of our work